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The two-faced India

I’ve never heard so much conflicting opinion about a country than people told me about India while making our Indus edition. Someone hated the ancient chaos that awaits tourists while others found themselves in this chaos. A lot of people are overwhelmed by the intense cultural experience India provides, while other people are startled by the poverty that is the everyday life for the majority of Indians. According to some, there’s nothing mystical about India, whereas others say that spirituality pervades the whole country. Pros and cons, adoration and disappointment.

However, everybody agrees in one thing: either way, India had an effect on them.

We brought this duality to our readers, from the luxury trains and the comfort of the glorious hotels of the maharajas to the ritual ceremonies of burning dead bodies at the shore of Ganges. Come along with us, on the route, to the Indian Himalayas, about which the Indian born writer of The Jungle Book, Rudyard Kipling wrote: “it’s a place for no humans”. Nevertheless, we passed this challenge, full of adventures, in the “country of high mountain passes”. If you read the interview with our current celebrity you can get a look into the past, the present and, maybe, even the future of the Indian born fortune teller and TV presenter, Joshi Bharat. Our guest writer, Judit Péterfi introduces us to her personal India. Peek with us, into the clothing tricks of the beautiful Indian women, and taste the gastronomical miracles of India.

At the end of our mystical and magical journey we hope you’ll be able to decide, whether or not you like this world, full of controversies!

We wish you a magical reading experience!

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